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How e-bikes are getting smart to bring us the future?

Smart is the new normal and we should prepare to be fascinated by the tech advancements the future holds.  Everything around us gradually upgrades, reaching new heights of  functionality and design that are able to  serve humans better than ever before.  Making our lives better, saving us time and giving us comfort and security, the smart gadgets are here to stay. And smart e-bikes don’t make an exception.

E-bikes have been rapidly growing in popularity for some years now but we haven’t seen the great paradigm shift they can bring about yet. However e-bikes have the potential to completely change the way we move in the cities and transform the entire urban infrastructure. Electric bicycles are the main or only (in some countries) reason for the big growth of the bicycle market. The latest research shows that e-bikes can actually outsell cars in Europe. This may sound very far-fetched but it may happen sooner than anyone has expected.

What is the big fuss, you might ask. Well, to understand the e-bike trend you should probably jump for a test ride and see for yourself. 
If you are surious to try, you can reserve your e-bike test ride Here

We are already witnessing numerous European governments talking about the benefits of cycling both to the individual and the society. It is a way to improve our health and well-being, to reduce the growing air pollution and heavy traffic in the urban areas.
Of course, the COVID-19 virus greatly accelerated the whole process and made people and governments see cycling as a safe alternative to public transportation. We see new plans for infrastructure, bike and pedestrian lanes, plans for building safe bike parking zones in the cities, the latter being a major concern for urban bikers. 

Speaking of the main problems bikers are facing, the big number of thefts and lack of safe spots to leave your bike are definitely in the lead.  E-bikes are very attractive for bike thieves, especially the good one. So, how do manufacturers meet this problem?

Most e-bikes have GPS trackers installed (hidden) in different components of the bicycle. This is a good way to track the bike but not perfect. Sometimes the time between the theft and the time the owner finds out is enough for the thieves to find and remove the GPS, especially if it is not integrated in the frame or other non-removable parts. 

And here is where the smart electric bike steps in. 
To shed some light on the smart topic we will discuss the main smart features and share how we have implemented them on our Econic bikes and in which situations they come useful.

You can see our standard and smart e-bikes in action HERE


App Connection 

The app is the console that helps you keep a smart eye on your bike and stay connected to it wherever you are. It allows you to access real-time information as well as statistics about your ridings and have full control right at your fingertips.

Smart connectivity is the part of our product we are constantly developing and we continue to add new features to the app all time. We believe smart technologies are the key to better life in the busy environment we find ourselves in. Our goal is to let you dive in it equipped with all the right tools in order to  get the best of your routine. 

GPS tracking and live location

As mentioned above, the GPS will help you locate the bike anytime and anywhere. It is a useful function that can save you trouble if you are visiting a new city and forget where you parked, it will give you an extra chance of getting your bike back in case of theft and will let you make regular checks on your bike.



Keep track of the bike’s performance and your cycling

Another great usage of the GPS is tracking your rides, namely length of the trip, average speed and kilometres traveled. This useful statistics will give you some useful insight about  the performance of the e-bike. You can track how often you need to charge your battery, you can measure the average time it takes to go to work in the morning and so on. On the whole, you will be able to better plan your rides and time in the future. And last but not least, you can make sure you get enough exercise and be fit and more healthy. 

Smart locking

The  smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your bike via the app with one touch. As the bike can be connected to one smartphone at a time this means that only you can control the lock. Any attempt to unlock the bike by force while the smart locking is on will turn on an alarm.
Another nice comfort of the smart lock is that you don’t need to carry keys and insert passwords every time. However, if your phone is out of battery or not within reach you can always unlock the smart lock manually using a code.

And finally, to provide even greater security, we offer a plug-in chain that is easily connected to the electric lock and allows you to lock the bicycle to a fixed object and give you double protection.



Anti-theft alarm

Having insurance in case your bike is stolen is a relief but preventing the theft in the first place is our goal.  The alarm completes the smart locking function and is activated  every time someone moves or lifts the bike while it is being locked. The 110 db are enough to make everyone in a radius of 50-100 m to notice something is happening. You will also  get notified by the app so you can react right away.  

Friend sharing

The friend-sharing feature lets you allow your  friends and loved ones to use your bike wherever you are via the app. You just have to send them a QR code from your app and they must scan it using theirs. Thus, you can share the amazing e-bike experience and help others make their routine smarter and more fun.
The coolest thing about it is that you can locate the bike and keep a smart eye on it when they are using it. However, don’t spy on them too much!





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