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E-bike Servicing - What You Need To Know

Good Servicing, Happy Riders


Servicing is something you might have not considered too much because you have been too busy with motors, batteries and gears. But it is a big one!
Well, we are here to give a hand. Do your homework with our quick cheat sheet.  

The most important things when it comes to e-bike servicing are location, expertise and expedition.


Econic One Smart E-bike


First, check the shop and service network of the bike you want. A wide network is an indication of a good and trustworthy brand.

Then, research the shops in your area and make sure they service your e-bike. Having an expert at hand is always very useful and time-saving!


Econic One E-bike Fast Servicing


The e-bike is likely to become your main form of transportation and you wouldn’t like to part with it for too long. Note that some companies prioritize their new clients over the old ones or have long and complicated warranty servicing procedures. Check reviews of old clients and read the warranty conditions and time for servicing of the brand you like.


Econic One Smart SUV E-bike


Make sure the bike shop or service is authorized to service your e-bike. Note that improper servicing may result in a void of your warranty.
An expert will not only provide a fast and quality service but also give you some amazing tips and advice! 


Usually, the e-bike requires servicing every 6-12 months, just like a regular bike. Also, it is important to check for obvious signs of wear that are good indicators that you need to visit the service.


Here, at Econic One, we live by the things written above because, first of all, we are bikers! Here’s what we provide for our clients:

  • 2-year warranty: covers the vehicle and its components
  • Hassle-free after-sales support and servicing
  • Wide, ever-growing shop network to support all those legendary rides

You can check our servicing and test ride locations near you HERE

And if you are still wondering which is the right e-bike for you, you can check out our models HERE

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