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What began as a simple bike hobby turned into a mission: To change the way we move.

Econic One empowers you to live and move sustainably. Because you care about improving your life and being kind to the environment.

Whether you bike as an urban commute, for fun, or as an enjoyable way to stay healthy, our smart bikes are a choice you can feel good about.

Make your next adventure an Econic One.


A decade ago our founder, Galin, began rethinking his travel to work. Commuting he realized should be fast, refreshing and enjoyable. To make the best of every day, you need to think smart.

Driven by his curiosity and passion for cycling, Galin began experimenting with building his own e-bikes. With each evolution, his hand-assembled bikes got faster, lighter, smoother and more durable. People quickly embraced this new way of riding and Galin's side hustle turned into his life purpose: To empower the world to move on bikes. And so, Econic One was born.

Galin soon devoted his life to building and testing electric bicycles in garages, bars and any factory-like location he could find. “It immediately became clear that to guarantee top performance of our bikes, we had to build our own electric system from scratch" recalls Galin. When our first fully integrated electrical system was introduced on the market, it quickly catapulted the bike to fame. To keep up with rapidly growing demand, a state of the art factory was constructed in 2020.

Today, Econic One ebikes are sold in 22 countries and more than 500 retail points. But to this day, quality, innovation and performance distinguish every Econic One ebike. As the world moves to more sustainable living, we are convinced that ebikes offer a better and more sustainable way forward for us, our families and our planet. 


Every bike is hand-assembled and painted in our factory with attention to detail. We use our custom built electric system and assemble the battery in-house using Samsung battery cells.


We adopt the latest technology to assure high quality and fast production. Giving us freedom to quickly develop new models and make upgrades.


We build electric bikes that create the freedom to choose sustainable options.


Evergreen, CO USA

Varna, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria



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