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JobRad is the e-bike leasing program, allowing you to get your bike of choice without any upfront payment, with the condition that you’re a German resident or are employed by a German company. If you can check one of these two boxes, then you simply need to go through a very simple application process, receive confirmation and get your e-bike with the monthly installments deducted directly from your gross salary.

Your benefits:

You can save up to 40% of the price on our website

Convenient installment payments 

Your bike is insured

You help the environment

Cycling is good for your health

Where do I start?

If you're employed in a German company, check if your employer is already registered with JobRad. If not, feel free to introduce them to JobRad via the link here: https://selbststaendige.jobrad.org.

How to order your e-bike in 3 steps:


Put your dream bike in the shopping cart. When leasing, the minimum price for a company e-bike is EUR 749.00. Select "JobRad" as the payment method


After placing your order, we will make an offer with JobRad for you, all you have to do is confirm it. The offer then goes to your employer for approval. Your bike will be reserved for you for 14 days.


After JobRad has received and checked the documents, we will receive a shipping release for your bike. After a shipping time of 5-7 days, the bike will be delivered to your home.

Does Jobrad include an insurance?

Jobrad provides insurance against theft, accidents and damage. Learn more: https://www.jobrad.org/arbeitnehmer/service.html

What’s the leasing period?

The JobRad leasing time is 36 months.

For more information please visit: jobrad.org/aktuelles/faq.html

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