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10 benefits of electric bikes

Whether you’re one of those people who are mad about cycling and only move about on a bike, or you’re simply trying to find a way to live a healthier lifestyle, an e-bike can meet all your needs for an active lifestyle. We give you 10 reasons why you should consider getting an e-bike and ride your way towards a more sustainable and healthier life. 

E-bikes help you go faster and farther

An e-bike is faster than a conventional bike and can be 50% faster for commuting because of the motor-assisted start. Pedal-assisted e-bikes have several levels of assistance, which can be switched off or adjusted depending on the rider’s preference, mood, or terrain. Hills can be taken with ease with the help of the  electric motor. You will find that you can cover more miles and discover new destinations. You will soon be exploring farther than you ever thought possible on a traditional bike.


E-bikes are easier to ride

Yes, they are, just don’t call e-bikers lazy. Assisted pedaling lets you conquer a range of terrain. It spares you some strain on your body, which means two things; you can spend more time enjoying your destination, and you will have more energy when you get there. Think of e-cycling as a clever way to avoid exertion, while gaining more time to explore new and exciting destinations. You can travel with minimal effort and enjoy an intuitive and addictively smooth ride every time.


E-bikes can have smart functionality

Econic One smart e-bike

Modern e-bikes feature convenient smart functionality that adds extra value to your bike in comparison to conventional bikes. GPS tracking, smart locks and anti-theft alarms can elevate your ride and give you a peace of mind both in the city or in nature. 

The Econic One mid-drive models are packed with an IoT device, the Econic One Element, which connects to an app and lets you monitor your performance, track your bike, and control the lock functions of the bike.

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E-bikes are good for your health and well-being

Even though you will perceive less effort on your body when riding an e-bike, rest assured that you’re still getting  full aerobic training. In fact, riding an e-bike is excellent exercise for your heart and lungs. Good aerobic exercise raises the dopamine levels in your brain which makes you feel happy and energized.
The strain on your bones and muscles is also minimized thanks to the pedal assistance. You can pedal as hard or light as you want. Resulting in a lower stress on your body during your ride.

E-bikes are easy to store

While an e-bike does weigh more than a traditional bike, it is still a lightweight and compact machine. It doesn’t  have any special storage requirements different from a traditional bike. To charge the bike you may want to store it near an outlet but it isn’t essential. The battery is easily removable to be charged wherever is convenient in your home. 

E-bikes are less expensive than cars

E-bikes can be a great alternative to driving. With the rising cost of fuel you will immediately see savings. You will also save on parking and maintenance. An e-bike requires less maintenance than a car and is easier to work on. If you are replacing your car completely you will save on registration fees as well.

E-bikes are good for the environment

An electric bike runs off of a combination of electricity and your natural power. Econic one bikes can run for hours between charges with  a range of up to 100km. They charge in about 4.5 hours with the included charger or in just 2 hours with the optional supercharger. 

 When you take a ride on an e-bike you will not be contributing nearly as much to your carbon footprint. Because an e-bike produces no exhaust it doesn’t contribute to local air quality pollution. The electric motor runs completely silently, which will help with noise pollution as well.

E-bikes offer unrivaled versatility

There are a huge variety of models of e-bikes to suit every cyclist. Commuter, road, gravel, emtb’s — you name it, the micromobility sector satiates all kinds of appetites, but e-bikes are a game changer as they’re engineered to be ridden in a multitude of conditions. You have the freedom to adjust the amount of work you are sharing with the bike. This allows you to get as much, or as little, exercise as you want at that moment. Non-specialized pedelecs are suited for both urban and rural environments. Electric mountain bikes are great for helping you make the climbs easier so you can focus on the thrilling descents. The opportunities are truly endless.

E-bikes are improving the future

We’re optimistic that electric bikes will be the transport of the future. People are beginning to see their positive effect on the environment and employers see the benefits of adopting a cycle-to-work scheme. E-bikes are becoming more and more accessible which results in governments changing infrastructure in a way that benefits traditional and e-bikes alike. As more and more bike lanes are built, e-bikes become a better mobility option for city travel.


E-bikes are more fun

E-bikes make commuting fun and give your everyday life the mood boost of regular exercise and fresh air. You can build on an existing cycling hobby or start fresh. You will find many new opportunities to ride places. Getting an e-bike engages your body and mind so that you’ll feel toned and uplifted, but most importantly, let you feel free like the first time riding a bike when you were a kid.



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