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The Econic Experience: 100 km Race in the Wild, Pop-up Van Trills and One Medal

We were so excited to take part in a 100km road and mountain adventure “Vitosha 100” and even more excited that our e-bikes stood this hardest of tests. Mud, rain, sticks, and stones - you name it!

The Econic Оne can handle it all.

And while some of our colleagues were engaged in the wild race, others had just as much fun in the brand new Econic Оne pop-up van that welcomed everyone who wanted a test ride.

The race 

Vitosha 100 is one of the most exciting sports events in Bulgaria.
It gathers the craziest runners and bikers from all over the country in an extremely challenging race that tests their body and willpower.
And this year there was an e-bike category for the first time!



We joined the competition with a team of 10 people and won a silver medal in the category E-bikes Women. 

Shoutout to Nadya, our graphic designer and passionate bike fan, who got the medal for the Econic One team.
She also wins our photo contest for biggest smile at the finish line! 

Why was that the ultimate test?

Even a great racer may not make it to the finish line with a bad bike in the mud and the rain.
Chain lubricant gets washed off by the rain, mud gets in the drivetrain and other bike components, and tires get punctured by the ragged stones. So, if you don’t have a dropped chain or a flat tire or your bike is still roadworthy, though completely covered in mud, you should be proud of it!

And last but not least, this race was a great example of how the e-bike can make you a superhuman!
You may guess that our team is not comprised of professional bike racers.  Nevertheless, almost everyone conquered this 100 km challenge that took about 8-9 hours.
The e-bike helps you flatten hills, save your energy and go further. And with an extra battery in your backpack, you will be surprised how far you can get! 

If you are a fan of such off-road adventures, we would recommend the XC model which was the star of the Vitosha 100 race! 
You can check out all of our bikes HERE

Econic One Pop-up Experience

We were happy to show the world our brand new pop-up van which became one of the hot points at the start/final. People were eager to jump for a test ride and had tons of fun with the Econic One! 

The pop-up experience is our latest exciting project which you will see a lot more in the future.

It combines all of the things we love - traveling and exploring, meeting new people and having an effortlessly good time.
In short- it is the ultimate Econic experience on wheels!

The van will help us come closer to you wherever you are, so you can feel for yourself the addictively smooth ride of our bikes. We will attend cool events and expos, and create amazing memories together.

Equipped with a cozy zone inside and test bikes in the back, it is currently cruising around Germany, so if you are in the area- keep your eyes open! 

If you are impatient to wait for the van, you can go for a test ride at your nearest shop right now. 



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