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Summer Adventures: Are you ready for the Econic bikepacking?

The Econic Bikepacking Adventure 

Summer is full of exciting moments but we want to go further. We want Econic moments - the freedom to explore, the thirst for adventure, the time to enjoy life and have fun.  

Here comes our next adventure- bikepacking from Munich to Garda lake. 
A breathtaking combo of great hills, views, adventurous terrain and tricky turns... Тhere is no better way to hunt for Econic moments. 

In the leading role is our good friend Ralf from the Digitalphat Youtube channel and the outdoors and tech enthusiast  Loïc. Their main partner in crime will be none other but the Econic One Cross Country model.

Are we worried that our bike may not stand the test? Not even a little!
Keep an eye on our social media channel to check on their progress. We’ll have some cool surprises for you as well. The adventure starts on 23 July! 

If you are not familiar with the term “bikepacking”, keep reading, we are going to shed some light! But, spoilers alert, you might want to jump on an e-bike and become a bikepacker yourself by the end of the article! :)


What is bikepacking, exactly? 

To put it in the most simple way, bikepacking is a bike journey off the beaten path with a backpack and light luggage attached to the bike. No additional cargo like bike touring.

Bikepacking vs. Bike touring

Traditional touring includes longer but mainly road journeys whereas bikepacking includes different types of terrain- off-road and mountain, light trails and forests. It is all about adventure and exploration. Many people describe bikepacking as the ultimate freedom.

Touring riders carry much more gear.
Bikepacking requires less equipment, no trailer and no saddle bag. So, in a way we could say that many more people can enjoy it!

However, for many of us bikepacking, though very exciting, sounds quite intimidating. You might find yourself thinking: Do I have the gear or fitness level to pull through this adventure?

Well, with e-bike on the horizon, bikepacking is no longer reserved for advanced cyclists only! 



How have e-bikes changed the bikepacking game?

 As we said earlier, e-bikes make it possible for more people to enjoy great adventures like this.

Unless you spend 7 days a week at the gym, it is unlikely that you feel absolutely confident about standard bikepacking. And even if you are in shape, it is nice to know that you can always move at your own pace, take a break and make your journey much more enjoyable.
Plus, you can take more cool gadgets, like a bluetooth speaker or a camera, to make the most of every moment!

And though e-bikes in general can greatly broaden your horizon, you need the right e-bike for adventures like bikepacking. 

Here’s what you should take into consideration when choosing a suitable bike: 

1) Removable battery

As you probably know, e-bikes are heavier than standard bikes. This means that if your battery runs out of juice, you will have some hard time pedalling. Bringing an extra battery in your bag is a life saver.

2) Multiple-terrain setup

There are different bikepacking styles but to truly experience the beauty of bikepacking you’d need an e-bike that can conquer most terrains. MTB and Cross Country models are great.
Going into details, a very popular option is a hardtail (front suspension only) mountain / cross country bike. Suspension smooths out off-road trails, while adding a bit of weight. However, this won’t be a problem with the removable battery.
Also, look for wide tyres, good brakes and a gear system that performs well both uphill and downhill.

3) Luggage and accessories

Check the luggage mounting options carefully.
Panniers are a great option for backpackers. Look for lighter and rattle-free models which are better for off-road riding.
Don’t forget about mud clearance. Most MTB bikes come without mudguards but you may need to mount a pair when backpacking.  

And you are ready for adventures! 


How do you even start? 

It might seem a bit overwhelming if you are a newbie, but it is not rocket science and there is a lot of info out there to help you start quickly!

We will not go into details here but if by the end of this article you have the sudden and irresistible inspiration for a bikepacking adventure, here are some useful tips to begin with:

Bikepacking 101 

  1. Choose the right style for you: Multi-day Mountain Biking, Ultralight Race & Gravel, and Expedition or Dirt Touring. The type of e-bike you have might help you make the decision. On the other hand, considering what type of adventure you like most might help you choose the right e-bike! 
  2. Plan your routes carefully. Make sure you won’t run out of battery in the middle of nowhere. Start with shorter journeys. Find suggested bikepacking routes in your area. 
  3. Take time to find the right equipment. You want to be prepared in every situation - repair kits, first aid. Think about safety first. 
  4. Find someone to share these adventures with! 


Have fun exploring!




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