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What is the difference between a standard bike and an electric bike? 

A standard bike will let you discover your limitations, Econic One will assist you to go beyond them. The electrical system of our bikes detects motion and triggers the motor. It gives you the ability to go further quicker, easier and in style. It keeps you in shape without the sweat and tears. If you are more into challenging yourself and putting some efforts in, you can still switch off the motor and you will have the classic riding experience.

How can I customize my e-bike?

Choose a combination that will match your comfort and style fit! You can select riding occasion, colour, frame size and accessories to go with your bike - rack, mudguards, front light, kickstand and extra chargers.

What is the difference between the models?

Depending on your lifestyle and most preferred riding occasions you can select one of three options:

- XC:

Off-road trails and mountain rides - suitable for more challenging paths and uphill journeys. MTB configuration and range up to 100 km.  


- Urban:

Urban rides and nature escapes - the perfect balance between urban ride and light off-road adventures. Diamond frame and range up to 100 km.  


- Comfort:

Our lightest e-bike for comfortable and fast city rides - best suited for the everyday urban lifestyle. Low Step frame and range up to 75 km.

Do you offer the bike in different sizes?

Our bikes come in three sizes:


- M size for people with height up to 180cm


- L size for people with height 180cm - 190cm


- XL size for people with height above 190cm

How far can I go with the bike?

The optimal performance of the 460Wh battery will last up to 100km, whereas the 360Wh battery has a range of up to 85 km. This range is calculated given the best circumstances possible and it is the maximum range on a single charge.  

How can I charge the battery of the bike?

The click-and-plug charging allows you to charge the battery in three steps - remove the battery from the bike; connect it to the charger and plug the charger into a wall outlet. Give it up to four hours and you are ready to roll. Note: you can also charge the battery while it is still on the bike.

How fast can I ride with the Econic One?

The pedal-assisted speed of the Econic One e-bike is 25 km/h which is the max allowed speed for pedelecs in Europe. You can exceed this speed by pedaling.


Where can I see the Econic One?

Our partner shop network is growing every day. You can find all of our locations HERE. Filter the locations that offer test ride and you will see all the shops that have a demo bike available.


Where to buy an Econic One electric bike?

The easiest way is to visit the shop section of our website or click HERE.

You can build your own bike using the Product Builder HERE.


We also offer our bicycles in a wide selection of stores the complete list of which can be seen HERE.


Use the locator on our site to discover a location closest to you. We monitor the stocks in the outlets, so if you are interested in a specific model, you can write to us and we will let you know where your preferred model is available.

How to order from your website?

Select the desired product, add it to your cart and then click the cart icon. You will be taken to the checkout page where you need to add the required information. You can then initiate the checkout and select your preferred payment method.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept different payment methods:

- Traditional bank transfer

- Electronic transfer, bank card payment

- Paypal

- Leasing option

Traditional bank transfer details:

After placing the purchase order with a selected mode of payment “Bank Transfer”, the Customer shall receive an invoice sent by e-mail, which has to be paid within 5 working days to the following bank account:


Econic One GmbH

Alfred-Herrhausen-Allee 3-5

65760 Eschborn


Bank: Solarisbank AG

Adresse der Bank: Cuvrystraße 53, 10997 Berlin, Germany

IBAN: DE23110101015113916224



In this case, the deadline for executing the order shall be extended as the Shop has to wait for the funds to be credited to its bank account.

Electronic transfer / bank card payment:

When sending the request for the purchase of goods, the Customer pays by bank card (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard). The Shop shall send the goods after receipt of the amount in the account of Econic One.

PayPal payment details: 

If you choose this payment method you will be redirected to the PayPal module, where You can use your PayPal account and confirm payment securely.

How does the Klarna leasing option work?

This payment method is currently active for the following countries:Austria, Germany, Finland, Netherlands
It allows you to pay in 6, 12 or 24 monthly instalments and the interest rate varies according to the country.
For the countries listed above the fixed interest rate is 9,99%.

Can you send me an invoice?

If you are an individual client:
You will have your invoice in the box with your e-bike. If you need the invoice earlier you can write to us and ask for an electronic copy (you must have already received a confirmation for your order).  


If you purchase as a company and need an invoice without VAT:

If your company is non-EU based, you need to send an email to with your company details BEFORE you complete your purchase and make a bank transfer payment. Otherwise we won't be able to exclude the VAT from your invoice.

Can any additional taxes and custom duties occur?

If you are not a EU member and depending on your location, there might be some additional taxes and custom duties for importing goods. It is your responsibility to have the goods pass custom clearance. We cannot estimate the cost of taxes and duties that may occur for a specific order. You can contact your local customs office for more information.


How much does the delivery cost?

Unless otherwise stated in the offer, the delivery of items from stock to the delivery address specified by the Customer shall be made by mail via the shipping company by means of Dachser, UPS, DPD, Cargoboard or DHL. Unless otherwise stated in the offer, an item will be shipped within 3 business days after the conclusion of the contract. In the case of payment in advance, the period shall not commence until the agreed payment amount has been credited in full to the Provider's account.


Unless otherwise stated in the offer, delivery is limited to Germany only. If the item selected by the customer is temporarily out of stock or unavailable, the provider will inform the customer immediately in the order confirmation. If the article is permanently not deliverable or available, the provider refrains from a declaration of acceptance. In this case, a contract is not concluded.


What is in the package?

In the box you will find your electric bicycle fitted with the rear wheel, also the quick release skewer, the front wheel, pedals, charger, battery keys, seat post and multitool. We have also prepared for you a short assembly guide and, of course, the warranty for your E-Bike.

What are the dimensions and the weight of the package?

The dimensions of the box are 175cmх23cmх82cm. The weight depends on the model and accessories you have chosen. Normally the package is around 30kg.

Can I order additional battery?

Note that batteries are considered dangerous cargo. It may not be possible to have a battery shipped as a separate parcel depending on the legislation in your country. We highly recommend buying an additional battery together with your bike, so they arrive as one parcel.

Can I order additional accessories?

Yes, you can order any available accessories on our shop page HERE. The shipping cost for the accessories is 19.79 euro for all EU countries. If you are not in the EU, please contact us before you order. We will give you more information about shipping cost and other custom duties that may occur based on your location and help you decide on your best option.

Where can I see the expected shipping date for bikes in the online store and the delivery time for my order?

When you go to the product page of each model you will see the time it is expected to be shipped, i.e "Expected to ship within 1 week". This means that your parcel will be prepared and transferred to the courier company in 1 week from the day of purchase.

If the model you choose is in stock you will see a "Next day shipment" status which means that your parcel will be transferred to the courier in 1 business day after the purchase.

After your order is given for shipping you will receive a tracking number and can communicate directly with the courier company.

What is the delivery time for "Next Day Shipment" products? 

Orderes completed by 12 p.m. CET will be shipped the next business day. Orders completed after 12 p.m. CET will be shipped the business day after that.

The shipping time depends on your location.

How can I return my order? Are returns free?

You are entitled to return your bicycle within 30 days, with no necessity to state reasons. The period of 30 days starts with the handing over of the goods to you or a third person you appointed, except the carrier.  

In order to return your bicycle, you need to declare clearly in writing the wish to cancel. You can download a return declaration from HERE.

Fill the form and send it to:


Delivery arrangements for returning the product are organized by the customer. Shipping cost of return is paid by the customer and prices vary depending on the shipping company.

What are the return requirements?

The 30-day money back applies only if:

- total mileage is below 50km

- the bike is returned in its original package

- the integrity of the packaging is not compromised and the bike is in the same condition as received


Econic One can refuse the return of products that don't fulfil these requirements.

Where do I send my return to?

Return address: 8 “Neptun” str., West Industrial Zone, 9000 Varna

Google Maps Link

I returned my order, when will I get my refund?

We are returning all payments we received from you within a 14 day time period of receiving the goods and verifying their condition.


Can I assemble my e-bike by myself?

Setting up your Econic one is quick and simple. You will receive a detailed instruction of assembly with your User Manual book and you can also watch the assembly video in our YouTube channel where we show how to set up the bike from the start. Click HERE to watch.

Where can I download the user manual?

The User Manual Book is available in different languages in our website. You can download it HERE.

How to take care of my battery?

Charge the battery indoors only on a non-flammable surface.

Charge the battery with the supplied charger only. Technical details for the charger and its intended use are indicated on the charger itself.

Charge the battery where the ambient temperature is within 15 °C to 25 °C. Do not expose the battery or charger to direct sunlight during charging.

Keep the battery and charger away from moisture and water during charging. We recommend charging the battery during the day and in dry rooms fitted with smoke detectors but not in your bedroom.

Make sure that the battery is in sound condition (no corrosion, cracking or other damage) before using it or charging it.

Do not open, disassemble or crush the battery. Do not use a battery or charger that is defective.

Keep the battery and charger out of reach of children.

Keep the battery away from fire and heat.

Avoid leaving your battery fully discharged for prolonged periods. This will negatively and permanently affect the battery’s capacity

Make sure that the battery gets a full discharge/charge cycle at least once every two months.

To prolong the battery life try to keep it between 20% and 80% capacity.

Note that it should take around 4 charging cycles for the battery to start performing optimally.

Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect. It is recommended to charge your battery after every ride.

How to take care of my battery in winter?

Remove the battery from the bike if you do not use it for a long period of time. In such cases, it is best to leave the battery at around 50% capacity.

Store it indoors at temperatures between 10° and 20°C.

How often shall I visit a service and have my bike checked?

We recommend regular full mechanical check to be carried out twice a year or every 1000 km, whichever comes first.

As with all mechanical products, this bike is subject to wear and fatigue. Different materials and components may react to wear and fatigue in different ways. If the design life of a component has been exceeded, it may suddenly fail, possibly causing injuries to the rider. Any form of crack or change in coloring in highly stressed areas indicates that the end of life of the component has been reached and that it should be replaced.

How shall I clean my bike?

Remove the battery from the bike before doing any bike maintenance or cleaning.

The bike is not approved for steam cleaning, high pressure cleaning or cleaning with a water hose. Clean the bike using a moist rag.


What is the warranty on my Econic One?

Your new electric bicycle is covered by a full two-year warranty. The warranty covers all the basic components in the electrical system, such as the motor, battery, controller and charger as well as the frame. brakes and every component except the ones specified as components that are consumables subject to natural wear and amortization.

The two-year battery guarantee applies only for the batteries used in accordance with the instructions for operation of the lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are subject to loss of capacity up to 40% during the two years period.

What is not covered by the warranty?

- Damage to the bicycle or components caused by a fall , incorrect or abusive use of the bike or exceeding the maximum weight given for the model, inappropriate transportation

- Neglect causing damage to the battery and other mechanical components , corrosion caused by improper storage

- Unauthorized modifications of the electrical system and repairs carried out by an unauthorized dealer and/or service provider

- Components, which are subject to natural wear and tear (Grips, Bells, Tires, Inner Tubes, Cassette, Chain, Saddle, Brake Pads, Spokes, Nipples. etc.)

What is not covered by the battery warranty?

- Negligence caused by improper battery care, leaving the battery exhausted for a few weeks without recharge

- Unauthorized use of controllers or motors other than fitted by Eljoy AD

- Charging the battery with a charger different from the one provided by Eljoy AD

Can the warranty be transferred?

This warranty is available only to the original owner of this electric bicycle purchased from Eljoy AD or an authorized dealer and cannot be transferred to another person.

Is my warranty valid worldwide?


Where can I service my Econic One?

Always use an authorized Econic One service shop when you need to service your bike. Use the locator to discover a location closest to you HERE.


If it is impossible for you to visit any of the authorized service shops, please contact for further instructions. You can service your bike at a local shop but that can void the warranty of your e-bike.

Can I service my bike by myself?

Do not modify your bike. This puts you at risk of accidents. Also note that modifications will void the warranty and may render the bike no longer approved for use on public roads.

Do not perform any maintenance work on your bike unless you feel absolutely sure about it. If you have any doubt or question, contact us or your service provider.

Do not try to open or reach any part of the electrical system of the bike, this will void your warranty. There is a risk of injury and permanent damage to the bike.

Always use genuine Econic One spare parts for the electrical system should you need any.


How does the anti-theft alarm work?

The anti-theft alarm works thanks to sensitive motion sensors that can detect when the bike moves. If someone tries to move, lift or carry you e-bike the 110 db acoustic alarm will be activated. Apart from that you will get a notification via the app so that you can react as quickly as possible.

How does the friend sharing work?

The friend sharing feature allows you to let someone else control your bike without changing the ownership in the app. You can share your bike with your friends and your loved ones wherever you are. You just have to send them a QR code that you can easily generate via the app. The other person scans the code in their Econic One app and this gives them full control of the bike.

How do I unlock the bike through the app?

To unlock the bike through the application, you must be close to the bike. We recommend a distance of no more than one meter. To unlock the lock your smartphone must have Bluetooth enabled.

How do I lock the bike through the app?

Make sure you are close to the bike. We recommend a distance of no more than one meter. Make sure your smartphone has Bluetooth enabled.

What happens in case of theft?

If the bicycle moves while locked, the alarm will sound for 30 seconds. If the bicycle keeps moving, the alarm will continue to sound. A notification will appear on your phone. An alarm symbol will appear in the application. You can locate and track the movement of the bike.

How to stop the alarm?

If the alarm is activated by mistake you can stop it by unlocking the bike. Then dismiss the alarm event to confirm that you have seen the alarm.

Is it possible to connect my smartphone to more than one bike?

Yes, you can connect your smartphone to more than one bike.There is no limit about how many bikes.

Is it possible to connect more than one smartphone to one bike?

Unfortunately, no. One bike can only connect to one smartphone at a time. If you connect the bike to another smartphone, the registration will be removed from the previous one.

Can I lock the bike manually?

We recommend locking the bike through the app for your best experience. If you can not use your smartphone or there are some connection issues, the lock can be operated manually. Press the button. It will turn red and go out as soon as the locking is complete. The locking is followed by a short beep. Keep in mind that when locking the bike manually the user interface will not update until next time using the app and bike status will remain "Unlocked".

Can I unlock the lock manually?

We recommend unlocking the bike through the app for your best experience. If you can not use your smartphone or there are some connection issues, the lock can be operated manually.


Press and hold the button until the first color of your personal code is displayed (green/blue/red). Then release the button. Repeat the procedure for the next color. After entering a color, you have 5 seconds to start the next color input. Repeat the process until you have entered all 6 colors. After entering the correct code, the lock opens automatically. Unlocking is signaled by a green light and a short beep.


If you have entered an incorrect code, the LED flashes red briefly and you can then start a new code input.

An incomplete entering of the color code will be aborted after 5 seconds. This is signaled through the button flashing 3-times red.


If the color code is entered incorrectly three times in between 3 minutes, the input is blocked for 5 minutes. Keep in mind that when unlocking the bike manually the user interface will not update until next time using the app and bike status will remain "Locked".

What should I do if I forget or lose the color code?

In case you forget or lose your color code, contact us via

Is it possible for the lock to close suddenly while I am cycling?

No, it is not possible for the lock to close suddenly while cycling. There is a motion sensor that will prevent this from happening.


When and how do you pay?

The insurance premium is paid by the manufacturer of Econic One. You as a customer do not have to pay anything extra.


Insured risks

The insurance cover includes the destruction and loss of the insured e-bike by burglary, theft and robbery. For more info see the General Тerms and Conditions.


Geographical scope

The insurance coverage is valid in the countries from European Union and Serbia.

When does the coverage start and end?

The start date of cover under the insurance is the date of purchase of the Econic One e-bike and expires after 12 months.

What do you have to do to activate your insurance?

Please fill in the registration form to activate your insurance coverage. The start of your insurance is the purchase date of your Econic ONE e-bike. You must provide the invoice in case of claim.

What do you have to do in the event of a claim?

Please fill in the online claim form and attach all relevant documents – invoice, pictures, police report.

The General Terms & Conditions in English you can download here.

The IPID (Insurance product information document) in English you can download here.


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